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Underwater filming and photography

Through our network of connections in the industry, we are able to provide professional underwater filming services throughout Thailand.

Filming underwater requires certain technical equipment and skills to guarantee the best results.
The camera of choice has to be hosted into a marine unit, able to guarantee resistance to water pressure, operability and be totally waterproof. These kits are normally specific, depending on the camera of choice.

We have selected qualified and highly experienced operators able to perform according to the needs of the Clients, the Director or the Cinematographer assigned to the project.

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Common destination for underwater filming in Thailand are as follows.

The top resort locations for a Thailand diving are Phuket, Khao Lak, Phi Phi Islands, Ao Nang Beach and Krabi. Phuket is best placed to serve the whole region, and is popular with party-goers, whilst Khao Lak is ideally placed to focus on the northern Thai Andaman Sea. Ao Nang is set on the peaceful and spectacularly beautiful Krabi coastline across Phang Nga Bay, and Phi Phi's magic draws sunseekers and travelers for the beaches and a slice of island-life.

The picturesque Similan Islands are the most popular Thai scuba destination, with superb underwater scenery and excellent visibility in its aquamarine waters. Huge deep water boulder formations create daring swim-through as well as providing dramatic back-drops to its vibrant reef slopes. You can dive here by live-aboard or day trips.

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The world famous Richelieu Rock is perhaps the Thailand's most famous dive site, and it rates as one of the top places in the world for diving with whale sharks. Koh Bon and Koh Tachai are great for manta rays and white tip reef shark encounters.

Hin Daeng - Hin Muang is your best chance to see grey reef sharks, patrolling the walls. Besides that, it's also the second home in the Andaman Sea for whale sharks and mantas. Visit Hin Daeng and you'll experience the excitement of diving Thailand's biggest vertical wall. Nearby caves and caverns add to the thrill of adventure.

Koh Samui is the ideal base for exploring the sites in the Gulf of Thailand. The diving may not be quite as varied as in Phuket and the Similan Islands, but there are some very good dive spots around Samui and Koh Tao which can be combined with a stay at one of Samui's excellent resorts.

Geographically we could divide Thailand diving sites this way:

Andaman Sea
Northern Region • Similan Islands • Richelieu Rock • Koh Bon • Koh Tachai • Khao Lak • Surin Islands • Burma
Central Region • Phuket • Krabi - Ao Nang • Phi Phi Islands
Southern Region • Hin Daeng • Hin Muang • Koh Ha • Koh Tarutao • Koh Rok

Gulf of Thailand • Koh Samui • Koh Tao

Through our network of connections in the industry, we are able to provide professional underwater filming services throughout Thailand.
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