About Us
ThaiVisa Video Production is a fully fledged service film and video production company based in Thailand. We provide crewing, film equipment, location scouting, casting, all pre-production, production and post production services to the industry.
We provide film production and location services for film, television, commercials.
Production team is responsible for make the film a reality. They manage the production from start to finish.
Working under the supervision of the production designer and/or art director, the art department is responsible for arranging the overall look of the film.
Director of Photography is to provide a film with its unique visual identity, or look. His camera crew is responsible for setting up and using the camera.
Electrical lighting technicians are involved with rigging stage and location sets and controlling artificial, electric lights in film production.
Recording all sound on set or on location is the work of the Production Sound Crew which includes Production Sound Mixers, Boom Operators, and Sound Assistants.
Set operations consist of the caterers and craft service workers; and the various technicians and artist working on set to keep everything set up and running smoothly.
Post-production positions refer to activities that take place after the movie has been shot.
This department works on visual effects, the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot.
Audio post production is the general term for all stages of production happening between the actual recording in a studio and the completion of a master recording.
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