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Visual Effects (VFX) and Computer Generated Imaginery (CGI)

In filmmaking, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. A visual effect in its most basic form, is digitally manipulated live action footage. The use of computers to add/or remove anything that was not originally in the shot would be a visual effect.

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A visual effect is the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which realistic, but would be dangerous, costly, or simply impossible to capture on film. Visual effects using computer-generated imagery (abbreviated CGI) have become increasingly common in big-budget films, and have also recently become accessible to the amateur filmmaker with the introduction of affordable animation and compositing software.

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Visual Effects often involves working for clients with specific needs. This leads to another question: who can benefit from VFX?

Anyone that benefits from advertising can benefit from visual effects. Video has an inherent appeal to audiences. Most of us want to “see” something before we want to “read” something. In the context of internet marketing, visual effects can be used to enhance the consumer experience by educating the viewer about product or services, putting a face on a company, and building a company brand. A quality video that demonstrates how a product works, with attractive visuals, would provide solid evidence that the product can indeed solve a particular problem. It sets off emotional triggers that static text simply cannot do, ultimately influencing buying decisions.

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Sometimes it just not a matter of perceived value, but a requirement. Certain shootings have to take place during raining season, and the footage has to be manipulated for sky replacements operations.

At Morgan&Preston we can add value to your production by adding visual special effects performed by our network of professionals.

Powerful stories come to life with a combination of graphics, animation and live-action footage.
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