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Treatments for TVC

Long before any filming is planned and at the pitching stage it is crucial to write a good treatment for your idea.

This is what will sell your film - don’t underestimate its importance. It really acts as a focusing tool for your idea so that you, and anyone reading it are in no doubt of what it is about.
This is a document that outlines what the story/idea behind your filming and is often the story that is pitched to the commissioner.

Treatments can be done both for the filming or the commercial industry. Although they both serve the same goal, their layout is basically different.

In filming, the standard basic treatment shouldn't be long (not more than a couple of paragraphs or one A4 side), it should clearly show what the hook is for the audience, what the start/middle/end of the story is, if there is a big question being asked and what the reveal is (if there is one). It’s the document that is going to sell your film and needs to be punchy and clear of its content.
More in depth treatments with talent choices, breakdowns of suggested episodes and content can be drafted if the commissioner requests more information or it is a particularly complex production.
When it comes to commercial productions, treatments normally incorporate graphic elements and references to any of the elements of the productions on top of the Director’s own vision on the script.

Length in pages may well vary depending on the Director’s pitching style.

At Morgan&Preston we have extensive experience in crafting treatments for television commercials and TV shows.

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One of the first steps in pre-production is the writing of a treatment. It's basically a summary of the work that is going to be shot.
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