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Unit Production Manager

The UPM, under the supervision of the Executive Producer, coordinates, facilitates, and oversees the preparation of the production unit, including: all off-set logistics, day to day production  decisions,  locations,  budget  schedules  and  personnel.

Specific duties will include:

  • Prepare script breakdown and preliminary shooting schedule with the 1st AD
  • Prepare and coordinate the budget
  • Oversee search and survey of all locations and the completion of business arrangements for the same
  • Assist in the preparation of the production with a mind towards efficiency collaboration
  • Supervise completion of the production report for each day’s work, showing work covered and the status of the production, and arrange for distribution of that report to proper channels
  • Coordinate arrangements for the transportation and housing of cast, crew, and staff
  • Oversee the securing of releases and negotiations for locations and personnel
  • Maintain a liaison with the local authorities regarding locations and the operation of the company
UPM supervises the physical aspects of the production (not the creative aspects) including personnel, technology, budget and scheduling.
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