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2nd Assistant Director

The 2nd AD is the chief assistant to the 1st AD in conducting the business of the set or the location site.

Specific duties will include:

  • Prepare the call sheet, in conjunction with the 1st AD
  • Prepare the daily production report, in conjunction with the UPM
  • Distribute scripts, sides, changes, and call sheets to cast and crew
  • Communicate advance scheduling to cast and crew
  • Aid in location managing as required by the UPM, 1st AD, or Location Manager
  • Facilitate transportation of equipment and personnel, under the supervision of the UPM
  • Schedule food, lodging, and other facilities
  • Supervise set and location wrap
  • Maintain liaison between UPM and 1st AD
  • Assist in the direction of background action and the supervision of crowd control
The second assistant director (2nd AD) is the chief assistant of the 1st AD and helps carry out those tasks delegated to the 1st AD.
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