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Production Designer

Working under the supervision of the director and in coordination with the Art Director and the Production Designer develops, coordinates, facilitates, and oversees the overall design of the production, i.e. anything that will appear in front of the camera. The Production Designer acts as a supervisor to the makeup, hair, and wardrobe departments, and as a consultant to the camera, art director, special effects, and compositing departments.


Specific duties will include:

  • Early development of attitude boards for characters, locations, scenes, etc.
  • Coordinate the  work  of  the  costume  designer,  production  designer,  and  compositors with the DP and the director.
  • Supervise the work of the publicity designer
  • Supervise the creation of title sequences and credits
The production designer is responsible for creating the visual appearance of the film - settings, costumes, character makeup, all taken as a unit.
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